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Health & Wellness 

Total Life Prosperity is committed to wholeness and wellness in every area of your life.  We believe that you must take care of your body in order to ensure your quality of life. This is done successfully though education and implementation.  We offer the following to assist you on your journey:

  • Group fitness classes
  • Personal Training sessions
  • Healthy lifestyle goal sessions
  • Active lifestyle program development
  • Hustle Aerobics with Classy Moves Productions

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Dance Fitness, Aerobic Line Dance & Detroit Style Ballrooming

(Classy Moves Productions)

Select your favorite songs and learn how to move along in a coordinated and rhythmic fashion.

From classic moves to the latest grooves you can be the life of the party or the most romantic person in your living room with our assistance.



Birthday Parties

Corporate Events

Private Affairs

Call 810-293-3391

Allow Classy Moves Productions to Take you away.

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Health Education

TLP LLC will work with you to conduct health education workshops dealing with many diseases or conditions that currently plague our society. In addition, we will help you further your education by utilizing chronic disease management techniques. Please contact us for more details or a custom-made plan that can assist you in adopting lifestyle changes immediately.

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You will be linked to an email that will give you more information on upcoming workshops.

Thank you for choosing to begin learning information that will change your life.

Peace be with you until then.

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